A PLF Fosters Independent Thinking

By the simplest definition, a Professional Learning Facilitator uses whatever is permissible to create the best environment for someone to learn.

However, the final target of any education is the development of the independent individual. To eventually not need a PLF. To master learning themselves.

L - We want to show them how to practice lifelong learning and find meaning in knowledge, instead of waiting for a PLF to debrief them.

E - We want to show them how to be excited by what they see, hear, do, smell, taste and feel, while others only see drudgery.

A - We want to show them how to be curious and think, while others are happy with what it.

R - We want to show them how to let go of what they cannot change, work on what they can and understand the WHY of the people they interact with.

N - Above all, we want to show them how to share what they've learnt so that others may gain benefit through the stories they tell.

This is the life journey of a PLF.

Walk with us and you'll understand why we do what we do.