The Professional Learning Facilitators and LEARN

All Professional Learning Facilitators follow a model called L.E.A.R.N. to deliver their lessons effectively in a learning program for clients. Each letter stands for a key area of focus.

L - Learn, learn, learn. Life is meant to be a ground for learning. Learn from everything, good and bad, and you will be better prepared for what comes next.

E - Excite the senses. People interact with the universe through their senses. Provide input and meaning and your audience will be open to what you have to give.

A - Ask. The brain welcomes questions. They are the catalysts for thinking. Ask the right questions in the right way, and your audience will process what you have given them.

R - Respect. Everyone has their own principles, knowledge, experience and opinions. Listen to understand their why and build on commonalities, not differences.

N - Narrate. The mind looks for structure and sequence and a story has what it seeks. Provide your lessons in the form of stories and your audience will understand easier.

Once a PLF has mastered this model, it becomes part of themselves and changes how they interact with people, personally and professionally.

Master this and so will you.