Building Rapport through Trust

Every relationship starts with a connection called Rapport and the foundation of that rapport is Trust.

There are generally two opinions on the concept of Trust:
  1. Black & White - "I either trust him, or I don't. There's nothing in the middle!"
  2. Gray - "I trust him a little. What he does after this will determine whether I will trust him more".
I prefer to work with the Gray concept of trust, that you can go from 0% to 100% trust. Trust, in practical terms, is how much you feel safe with another person.

A stranger who sits next to you at a bus stop creates 0% trust. When you have a conversation that talks about something you are both interested in, fashion, football, makeup, comics, you feel safer, thus your trust of her goes up, let's say 5%. It's still not enough trust to hand her your handbag while you go to the ladies.

So far, I've only met one person who insists she will let her BFF take care of her husband while she is away. Now THAT's 100%.

We place different levels of trust in our family, friends, colleagues, etc based on prior experience. One man confided in me that he trusts his friend more than he does his wife because of things she has done before.

Thus, the key to improving rapport is by creating Trust, and increasing Trust comes with consistency of action. When you create more Trust, you improve the quality of your relationships.

Be someone people can trust.