The Half Brain of the Future

Dan Pink in his book Whole New Mind talks about how we use our left and right brain. While we use both sides of our brain for everything we do, each side specialises in different tasks.

The left brain specialises in taking things apart, in sequence and is textual.

The right brain specialises in synthesising things simultaneously contextually.

Understanding this difference can help explain how the labor markets work. Once upon a time, analytical and planning abilities were very important in the workplace.

It allowed you to advance in your employment and rise in society. However, in the last few decades, especially in the USA, where a lot of jobs have been shipped to India and China, this has become a problem.

It has become a big issue and a very sensitive hot button, impacting not just economy, but also politics and social stability.

What not many people realise is that the jobs that are being shipped are essentially the structured, logical, routine work that can easily be outsourced and automated.

They can be mass-trained to a workforce or done by computer algorithms.

However, the right brain processes cannot currently be outsourced or automated. There is no software that can easily replace a graphic designer, a creative consultant, a design thinker or a mentor or coach.

Therefore, the differentiating skills of the future are no longer left-brain, but right-brain. When you want to survive and thrive in the market, you must be able to bring not only analytical abilities, but creative abilities as well.

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