The PLF as Parent

Welcome to the weekend, where children look forward to spending time with their family. With their parents. With you.

Children are natural learners. They don't really need expensive venues or toys to enjoy themselves. Wide open spaces, an unused box or markers and paper most often do the trick.

Applying the L.E.A.R.N. model here can make the experience memorable.

L - Show your children how learning can be gained from things and activities as innocuous as leaves, pebbles and jumping.

E - Vary what they see, hear and do to provide as much useable input as possible. Thinking happens best with related information. For example, a museum today, a park tomorrow.

A - Pique their curiousity by getting them to notice things they often take for granted. A question like, "Why do trees have leaves?" can get the ball rolling.

R - Tell children when their opinions match what we know about the world. However, respect their thought process and other conclusions such as, "Allah gave the tree leaves as clothes".

N - After the adventure is over, request that they replay their day to you or each other. They'll surprise you with their insights, which you can add to (yes, you tell your story too) and it'll help create a shared memory that will be retold for years to come.

Get off Facebook. Go play with your kids.