The Four Functions of the Brain

The human brain has four functions: Voluntary movement, Perception, Homeostasis and Abstract functions.

Voluntary movement refers to any motor movement that a human being does, whether it be intentional such as closing a door, or an emotional response, such as wincing when you stub your toe on the door.

Perception is the ability to be aware of sensory input and know its measure in real terms. There are sensory inputs that we can perceive and others we can't. For example, we can perceive the dimming of light, but we cannot perceive the change in level of carbon dioxide in in our blood.

Homeostasis is everything related to keeping the body alive. The brain regulates the levels of water, sugar, oxygen and other resources and ensures that its person is functioning as well as it can by returning it to its operational norm.

Abstract functions deals with the 'higher-functioning' aspects of thinking. This is where we do calculations, determine where to have lunch and daydream of our lives together.

Understanding these functions allows us to better care for the only organ that works overtime to save us from the outside world and prosper in it.

Working on your coordination improves the voluntary connection and will lead into long-term usability into old age. Involve yourself in activities such as martial arts, sports or dance.

Working on your mindfulness will help you connect with your surroundings, notice previously unnoticed stimuli and allow you to stop and smell the roses. Slow down your daily pace and being aware of changes.

Knowing that your brain maintains the sensitive balance within your body, therefore nourish it, bathe it, clothe it and treat it with resources that are beneficial for maintenance, healing and growth. Eat well, breathe well, exercise and keep your surroundings hygienic.

Knowing that your brain only thinks when it has something to think about, constantly challenge it with puzzles and problems that will allow it to build new connections. Watch tv shows with complex storylines or movies which get you thinking.

How are you treating your brain?