Saturday, 6 January 2018

Learning Facilitators vs Trainers

“You see, trainers, tend to promote a person who is a knowledge downloader. A person who is there to impart knowledge and skills for the immediate gap closure.

“A trainer also implies a kind of programmed approach which is very inflexible and doesn’t sit well with the new generation. See, in PETRONAS, we have evolved from a training focus, that means to say, addressing immediate skills and functionalities and medium of the workforce in the 70s and 80s.

“Then, in the 90s, we said, we don’t have enough development focus. The conversation is not rich enough. The involvement of the line managers, the involvement of the staff itself, in wanting to partake of learning and focusing not only on the immediate learning needs, but also in the future, or the career development is not there.

"So, the conversation needs to move from training to learning, and in the 1990s, we shifted from training to learning. And with that shift, we started calling our trainers: learning facilitators. We dropped the word ‘trainers’. And that was the reason for it.

-Yasir Abdul Rahman, CEO PETRONAS Leadership Centre

“The knowledgeable workforce, they come with a lot of knowledge already. So how do you leverage? Pull out the tacit knowledge that is already there and work it into what you are there to deliver. It’s very difficult to do.

“Not so easy. Alright? It’s much easier to go slide by slide, slide by slide. Very easy. When you have to really work and marry those two, that’s a real challenge.

“And you really got to come ready into the room to really have Murphy’s Law hit you straight in the face and redesign the session and be comfortable with it. If you are a learning facilitator, you’re really focused on application.

“What you have shared, how is this going to be applicable, for the individual, as an individual, as a person, and also as an organization.

-Dr Faridah Marican, President, MAFa

Friday, 5 January 2018

Closer Every Time, Every Day

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Salat is an experiental engagement. If you are not emotionally excited by the prospect of connecting to the Supreme Being, then something is lost.

Khusyuk is about being engrossed in the conversation. Old friends who meet after 20 years over coffee don't notice the other patrons because they are so involved with each other.

You are deeply in conversation with the One who loves you the most, and you're just lagging behind trying to reciprocate that love, but you always take more than you can give.

So, you just give everything you have. And there's nothing left. And you give yourself. And He takes you. In. And allows you to do all the talking. Yet when you're done, you realise He was talking, too. And you feel listened.

And He gives you back. And let's you go about your day. As you did with your kitten after patting him and playing with him and making him happy with your attention.

And you give salam. And you're done. But you shouldn't be the same. You mustn't. You can't. Because you just had a conversation with Him. It must have changed you.

And if it didn't, feel sad. Feel bad. And do it again. And again and again. Until you feel the change. The charge. The choice.

To be better than before.

I never understood it. Today, I felt a little of it. Let's want more.

Thank you, Teacher. You taught me a lot about my relationship to Allah today and my responsibilities. I pray it lasts.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Survive The Next

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There are people who complain about the state of Malaysia today. I agree with most sentiments. Things don't seem to be getting better.

The thing is, Malaysia has not suffered a tragedy, not yet, not for a long time.

We are overdue for a civil war, an invasion, an occupation, a natural disaster, a zombie epidemic, something, anything that will harden our resolve, thin out our weak links and test our survival skills.

Corruption, toll hikes, inflation; these are comfort complaints, not survival issues, nothing compared to what Gaza, Syria and Antarctica is going through.

Once it happens, it happens big, and only then can we understand the suffering of our fellow human beings.

Now, you're committing suicide over exam grades, deepening debts and lost romance.

It's not the End I'm talking about. No one knows when that will be, especially not some pseudo WhatsApp scholar.

It's the Next. Are you ready to survive the next? Can you survive the battle within yourself to win the war outside?

Are you strong enough?

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

21 Organisations Recognise PLF System

Mohd Rizal Hassan (light blue Baju Melayu) and Yazid Abdul Rani (orange Baju Melayu) celebrating the graduation of the Persatuan Sukan & Kecergasan Zafina Malaysia instructors recently.

3 Jan 2018, KUALA LUMPUR - An international-class program that has been actively upgrading corporate trainers to become learning facilitators in the last seven years has today been formally recognised by 21 organisations as being effective and impactful.

The Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System® (PLF System), founded by Mohd Rizal Hassan is an innovative system that provides educators, trainers and professionals the ability to influence people, generate meaningful change and drive performance.

The PLF System which evolved with Rizal's experience in the learning & development industry, has created more than 1700 fully-capable Professional Learning Facilitators from all walks of life. They are allowed to use the identifier "PLF" before their name in their profiles. They can then proceed to attain their Mastery certification by having their performance audited for quality.

Irrespective of subject matter, the PLF System has enabled trainers, leaders, teachers, lecturers, working professionals, customer service, engineers, medical doctors, housewives and husbands, entrepreneurs, parents and more to deliver their content accurately and memorably.

The PLF System is founded along the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Presentation Skills, Body Language Reading, Motivation and Comedic Performance. The locally-founded program has been run in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Cambodia.

The 21 organisations recognising the PLF System include private schools, learning services companies, technology startups and even a fitness association. Persatuan Sukan & Kecergasan Zafina Malaysia, founded by PLF Yazid Abdul Rani, made it compulsory for all their instructors, now called Zafina Learning Facilitators (ZLF) to attain Mastery level in the PLF System before being allowed to represent the association. The association has 500 active instructors and 75 ZLFs.

To register to be a Professional Learning Facilitator, email

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Unrideable Beast

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Someone who respects you is someone who will speak to you as a peer. No one, in my opinion, is better at this than my loved one, Rasulullah SAW.

He interacts with adults, children, bonded people, animals and his belongings with kindness and respect.

He never pulls rank, nor reminds people of how much more experience he has (The Awal Makan Garam Effect).

He never uses sarcasm as an emotional play to fufill his own passive-aggresiveness (which he doesn't have to begin with).

He talks straight, without guile, and you love listening to him and are excited to accept what he says.

He doesn't play the tit for tat game.

I pray I learn to do all of this, and I pray you do too. The nafsu is a beast which is unrideable when it's fed with hate. Learn to love, and we will learn his sunnah.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Make Our Teachers Successful

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Our murabbis tolerate our errors, not because they're okay with them but because we are stubborn, and if they bend us anymore, we will break.

In the background, they are profusely asking Allah to save us, because they can't.

Their tolerance is not our license to sin.

If we love them, and their murabbis before them, then make them successful teachers.

Let's become better people, and all of us win.