21 Organisations Recognise PLF System

Mohd Rizal Hassan (light blue Baju Melayu) and Yazid Abdul Rani (orange Baju Melayu) celebrating the graduation of the Persatuan Sukan & Kecergasan Zafina Malaysia instructors recently.

3 Jan 2018, KUALA LUMPUR - An international-class program that has been actively upgrading corporate trainers to become learning facilitators in the last seven years has today been formally recognised by 21 organisations as being effective and impactful.

The Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System® (PLF System), founded by Mohd Rizal Hassan is an innovative system that provides educators, trainers and professionals the ability to influence people, generate meaningful change and drive performance.

The PLF System which evolved with Rizal's experience in the learning & development industry, has created more than 1700 fully-capable Professional Learning Facilitators from all walks of life. They are allowed to use the identifier "PLF" before their name in their profiles. They can then proceed to attain their Mastery certification by having their performance audited for quality.

Irrespective of subject matter, the PLF System has enabled trainers, leaders, teachers, lecturers, working professionals, customer service, engineers, medical doctors, housewives and husbands, entrepreneurs, parents and more to deliver their content accurately and memorably.

The PLF System is founded along the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Presentation Skills, Body Language Reading, Motivation and Comedic Performance. The locally-founded program has been run in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Cambodia.

The 21 organisations recognising the PLF System include private schools, learning services companies, technology startups and even a fitness association. Persatuan Sukan & Kecergasan Zafina Malaysia, founded by PLF Yazid Abdul Rani, made it compulsory for all their instructors, now called Zafina Learning Facilitators (ZLF) to attain Mastery level in the PLF System before being allowed to represent the association. The association has 500 active instructors and 75 ZLFs.

To register to be a Professional Learning Facilitator, email nadzrin@ensynclearning.com