Closer Every Time, Every Day

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Salat is an experiental engagement. If you are not emotionally excited by the prospect of connecting to the Supreme Being, then something is lost.

Khusyuk is about being engrossed in the conversation. Old friends who meet after 20 years over coffee don't notice the other patrons because they are so involved with each other.

You are deeply in conversation with the One who loves you the most, and you're just lagging behind trying to reciprocate that love, but you always take more than you can give.

So, you just give everything you have. And there's nothing left. And you give yourself. And He takes you. In. And allows you to do all the talking. Yet when you're done, you realise He was talking, too. And you feel listened.

And He gives you back. And let's you go about your day. As you did with your kitten after patting him and playing with him and making him happy with your attention.

And you give salam. And you're done. But you shouldn't be the same. You mustn't. You can't. Because you just had a conversation with Him. It must have changed you.

And if it didn't, feel sad. Feel bad. And do it again. And again and again. Until you feel the change. The charge. The choice.

To be better than before.

I never understood it. Today, I felt a little of it. Let's want more.

Thank you, Teacher. You taught me a lot about my relationship to Allah today and my responsibilities. I pray it lasts.