Survive The Next

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There are people who complain about the state of Malaysia today. I agree with most sentiments. Things don't seem to be getting better.

The thing is, Malaysia has not suffered a tragedy, not yet, not for a long time.

We are overdue for a civil war, an invasion, an occupation, a natural disaster, a zombie epidemic, something, anything that will harden our resolve, thin out our weak links and test our survival skills.

Corruption, toll hikes, inflation; these are comfort complaints, not survival issues, nothing compared to what Gaza, Syria and Antarctica is going through.

Once it happens, it happens big, and only then can we understand the suffering of our fellow human beings.

Now, you're committing suicide over exam grades, deepening debts and lost romance.

It's not the End I'm talking about. No one knows when that will be, especially not some pseudo WhatsApp scholar.

It's the Next. Are you ready to survive the next? Can you survive the battle within yourself to win the war outside?

Are you strong enough?