The Unrideable Beast

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Someone who respects you is someone who will speak to you as a peer. No one, in my opinion, is better at this than my loved one, Rasulullah SAW.

He interacts with adults, children, bonded people, animals and his belongings with kindness and respect.

He never pulls rank, nor reminds people of how much more experience he has (The Awal Makan Garam Effect).

He never uses sarcasm as an emotional play to fufill his own passive-aggresiveness (which he doesn't have to begin with).

He talks straight, without guile, and you love listening to him and are excited to accept what he says.

He doesn't play the tit for tat game.

I pray I learn to do all of this, and I pray you do too. The nafsu is a beast which is unrideable when it's fed with hate. Learn to love, and we will learn his sunnah.