Credit For All

While I was conducting a course on problem-solving, I asked my participants why Malaysia became a big player in oil & gas and the expected humorous answer came, "Mahathir!"

I agreed and smiled. I also took the opportunity to spread the credit a little more. Here is what I said to them, as taught to me by my silat teachers:

For every complex effort there are four phases of people involved: Pencetus (the Inspiration), Penyokong (the Supporters), Pendokong (the Executors) and Penyambung (the Sustainers).

Yes, due credit is given to the person who first mooted the idea. But if that's all an idea needed, then all ideas would survive. It needed a Supporter to agree that the idea was worth carrying out and convince Executors to want to make the idea a reality.

After all the concepts, roles, systems and objects had been created, it was now the responsibility of the Sustainers to continue the good work of their forebears.

For everything that succeeds, there were those who made it happen, whether in the beginning or otherwise.

They all deserve credit. Give it fairly.