Play Fair By Playing Smart

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Nothing's fair in politics. Someone will always have an unfair advantage. No two parties are the same, which means their target markets will also be different, even though they overlap.

One party tracks better with a particular religion, another with a particular position, while others just love following the lead.

Even in martial arts, we're taught that someone who is ill, or just off their game a little bit, can cause them to lose the fight or even their life.

There is no absolute way to predict an outcome. Even where movies are concerned.

I didn't enjoy Black Panther, but the money keeps rolling in. People say to earn big, you have to spend big. Tell that to the producers of Blair Witch Project, Get Out and A Quiet Place.

Conversely, also tell that to the Badang producers.

So, just because one party has more money to spend on more expensive campaigns doesn't mean they will win. Prior elections have proven this.

Have hope.

However, that being said, put in the work, leverage off of free services, tools and efforts, and you can technically make up for all of the money that anyone can throw around.

It is better to be smart than rich.


This article is part of a series written in the run-up to the 14th Malaysian General Election on 9 May 2018. The series intends to foster critical thinking, positivity, understanding and fair-mindedness among voters to create a mature space of political discourse.