Voters United

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When we were children, we were friends. Good friends. We were one in the oneness of the universe.

We knew not ideas imposed upon us by others. But we gradually grew apart.

Grew apart in race, in religion, in politics, in behaviour, in opinion.

We knew each other before we knew the leaders and teachers we idolised. We were like brothers, like sisters, yet we allowed people we've barely met to rule our lives and separate us.

We heed their call and call each others' leaders names and get offended on their behalf. And we argue, shout and divorce while they sip coffee together after purporting to represent us.

They leave us divided, broken and in pain and we still say it was your leader's fault, not mine.

They will leave soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in five years. But their hopes and dreams aren't our hopes and dreams.

Because my hope and dream is to be your friend, not their slave.

Live well, and prosper. I love you.


This article is part of a series written in the run-up to the 14th Malaysian General Election on 9 May 2018. The series intends to foster critical thinking, positivity, understanding and fair-mindedness among voters to create a mature space of political discourse.