Start Your Engines!

What Is It?
START YOUR ENGINES! is a 2-day seminar aimed at brand new Kulliyyah of Engineering students who want to start their academic life with a powerful advantage. It develops their thinking, managing, socialising and performing skills to arrive, survive and thrive in the challenging world of Engineering.

Who Is Involved?
The seminar is conducted by Assoc Prof Dr Maan AlKhatib of Kulliyyah of Engineering and PLF Mohd Nadzrin Wahab of EnSync Learning Sdn Bhd. Both of them have vast experience facilitating learning at the academic and corporate levels, creating impact and results that are deep and measurable.

Why Should I Attend?
Well, it's FREE OF CHARGE, but what you will learn is EXPENSIVE. Both speakers normally charge their clients thousands of ringgit to learn the same. However, as amal jariah, they will be contributing to YOU, the Engineering student, to help you be better prepared for student and later, work life.

What Should I Do Now?
1. Lock in the dates 22-23 September 2018 in your calendar,
2. Set a clear and powerful NIYYAT to become a successful Muslim
3. Invite others to join you, and
4. Come early to get as much learning as possible.

For further information, WhatsApp Nadzrin at +6016 3085 789.