Wednesday, 17 October 2018

5 Elements to Have If You Want To Move To Self-Employment

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People in employment have the relative safety of a salary while people in self-employment have the relative freedom of choice.

Trading a salary for choice (i.e moving from employment to self-employment) requires a clear vision, enough information, community support and the courage to jump.

In some cases, having only one of these is enough to take the exit. However, to sustain for the long term, the other 3 are absolutely necessary.

Personally, I shall add a fifth, which is faith in Allah, which helps me round off the four.

1. A clear vision is crucial to know the general direction in which you are heading. How do you know you're going to Pulau Pinang if you don't even know what it's called or where it is or what signs to look out for to indicate that you have arrived?

2. Enough information gives you the ability to simulate experience by learning from others' successess and setbacks. Engage people who can train, mentor, coach and advise you along your path. You will recognise and avoid mistakes they made while making your own unique ones.

3. Community support is essential in providing the emotional, physical and financial backing to carry you through the ups and downs. Nobody goes it alone. Neither should you.

4. Having the courage to take risks that feel worthwhile is usually the difference between a seller and an entrepreneur. The ability to trust your gut and jump will get you there first and fast, but it might also get you rock bottom. Choose your jumps and be responsible for them.

5. Finally, all of your efforts are nothing more than that. YOUR efforts. Having faith in Allah allows you to realise that you are a small cog in a larger universe.

When your courage is gone, and you stand alone, when everything you know is wrong and you've lost your way, Return it all to Him and He will provide from His bounty.

Yes, I don't get stuck in traffic daily anymore. Yes, I get to go for Jumaat with my boy. Yes, I get to have breakfast and lunch and dinner at home. Yes, I choose when and where I want to work. Those are the good days.

But when the bad days come and I'm like a train through a tunnel, and I feel trapped, cold and scared in the dark, that's when the five elements become the torch to guide me back to the light.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

How to Avoid Being Misunderstood

Behaviour isn't you. But it is how other people measure you.

Different people measure people differently based on their standards.

Therefore, you can choose to behave according to other people's standards to get what you want from them.


You can choose to surround yourself with people of the same standards who understand your values, motivations, speech and actions.


You can choose to share your values and motivations with others to better help them understand, and ask others about their values and motivations to better understand them.


You can choose to teach others your values and motivations so that they, too, will believe what you believe and want what you want.


Just complain.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Travelers of Thought

The human brain is an inter-dimensional traveler. It can transport its owner into various worlds.

With earphones on, in a deep song.

With head down, in a rich book.

With eyes glazed over, in universal contemplation.

With body burning, in a blazing marathon.

At these times, we are alone in a world only we know.

But sometimes, sometimes, we look across a room, and that look, we recognise, of someone we have met before, but never on this physical plane.

A fellow traveler. Who recognises us too.

In that fleeting unspoken moment, a smile ignites on both faces, and suddenly, we know we are not alone.

And we pass each other by, to continue exploring, never knowing if we'll meet again. But never forgetting we did.

This is dedicated to all the travelers out there. You will know who you are.

Because you will know exactly what I mean.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Being Productive on Facebook

😀 Facebook is a tool. Use it. Don't let it use you.

😇 Set a time to read on FB. 30 mins in the morning. 30 mins during lunch. 30 mins in the evening. Stick to it. That should sate your hunger but no more.

😙 Begin noticing useless posts that make you feel like $#!+ after reading them (the endless Brangelina commentaries) and unfollow those friends who shared them.

This filtering process will eventually leave you with a positive newsfeed. Eventually. You'll get there.

😍 Shift from being a consumer to being a producer. Ask yourself how you can contribute to your friends' newsfeeds positively.

😉 Share a funny joke, an inspiring quotation, a personal story or practical tips to help in daily life. However, mix it up and have a variety or risk being known as the 'positive quote' person.

 Above all, have a giving attitude and not an expecting attitude and you will spend more time enjoying entertaining your friends and less time complaining about what other people post.

Have a great life, everyone!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Face It or Learn From It

When a challenge enters your life and you're not ready, you only have two options: Answer the challenge or prepare for the next time it comes around.

The third option isn't really an option at all: "I'm not ready"

"I'm not ready" is an excuse to not take action nor learn from the unpreparedness.

Once upon a time, I wondered why there were so many good-natured people who wanted to help others, and also bad-natured people who didn't.

I realise now that the good-natured ones were those who once had negative thinking and are now passionate about helping more people transform their mindsets to change their lives.

I also figured out that those who didn't want to help change mindsets are those who don't want competition. If everyone thought proactively, they'd lose their advantage.

So, the next time a challenge comes, stay and face it or learn from it. Because walking away is too expensive a mistake to allow happen.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Teacher and Student

A teacher is someone who sees clearer than a student.

When a student sees clearer, it is their turn to become a teacher.

There are days when we see clear, and days when we don't. Sometimes we teach, sometimes we learn.

Knowing when to do which is important.