Being Productive on Facebook

😀 Facebook is a tool. Use it. Don't let it use you.

😇 Set a time to read on FB. 30 mins in the morning. 30 mins during lunch. 30 mins in the evening. Stick to it. That should sate your hunger but no more.

😙 Begin noticing useless posts that make you feel like $#!+ after reading them (the endless Brangelina commentaries) and unfollow those friends who shared them.

This filtering process will eventually leave you with a positive newsfeed. Eventually. You'll get there.

😍 Shift from being a consumer to being a producer. Ask yourself how you can contribute to your friends' newsfeeds positively.

😉 Share a funny joke, an inspiring quotation, a personal story or practical tips to help in daily life. However, mix it up and have a variety or risk being known as the 'positive quote' person.

 Above all, have a giving attitude and not an expecting attitude and you will spend more time enjoying entertaining your friends and less time complaining about what other people post.

Have a great life, everyone!