Face It or Learn From It

When a challenge enters your life and you're not ready, you only have two options: Answer the challenge or prepare for the next time it comes around.

The third option isn't really an option at all: "I'm not ready"

"I'm not ready" is an excuse to not take action nor learn from the unpreparedness.

Once upon a time, I wondered why there were so many good-natured people who wanted to help others, and also bad-natured people who didn't.

I realise now that the good-natured ones were those who once had negative thinking and are now passionate about helping more people transform their mindsets to change their lives.

I also figured out that those who didn't want to help change mindsets are those who don't want competition. If everyone thought proactively, they'd lose their advantage.

So, the next time a challenge comes, stay and face it or learn from it. Because walking away is too expensive a mistake to allow happen.