Travelers of Thought

The human brain is an inter-dimensional traveler. It can transport its owner into various worlds.

With earphones on, in a deep song.

With head down, in a rich book.

With eyes glazed over, in universal contemplation.

With body burning, in a blazing marathon.

At these times, we are alone in a world only we know.

But sometimes, sometimes, we look across a room, and that look, we recognise, of someone we have met before, but never on this physical plane.

A fellow traveler. Who recognises us too.

In that fleeting unspoken moment, a smile ignites on both faces, and suddenly, we know we are not alone.

And we pass each other by, to continue exploring, never knowing if we'll meet again. But never forgetting we did.

This is dedicated to all the travelers out there. You will know who you are.

Because you will know exactly what I mean.