PLF Recognition

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Who recognises the Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System®?

The Professional Learning Facilitators (PLFs) recognise themselves!

We appreciate outside recognition but we don't require it. We hold ourselves to a high standard and help each other to continuously improve daily within the community (the PLF Family).

We prefer to let our achievements speak for themselves. Ever since its humble beginnings in 2010 by founder Mohd Rizal Hassan, we have upskilled 1600+ people to PLF level in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Cambodia.

We have organised local and international learning showcases that have shared knowledge for free with public audiences.

We count over 300 lecturers in public and private universities and colleges as PLFs.

A national fitness body has made it compulsory for ALL of its senior instructors to obtain a Master Certification as a PLF to be allowed to operate.

A private school insists that ALL its teachers become PLFs.

Banks, consultancies, training firms, random businesses, now have stray PLFs running around. It's difficult to pass through KLIA without bumping into one.

And! PLFs recognise each other, literally. When they attend a learning event and the facilitator has coloured bells, a bangau and balls among their props, and the activities engage all senses, they know a kindred spirit.

The PLF Program isn’t a TTT. Take a TTT if you want to learn how to drive. When you’re ready to learn how to be a stuntman, be a PLF. It's not a TTT. It’s a grade higher than a TTT.

The PLF Program is not JUST for trainers. It is a powerful, high-impact program that will change how you view, manage, develop, persuade and upskill people.

So, whether you are a parent, leader, entrepreneur, teacher, engineer, student, anything. The PLF will help develop you personally, professionally and purposefully.

It changed my life. Let it change yours. Register today at