Reflecting Well On Self, Reflecting Well On Others

Whatever we do reflects on who we associate with and who associates with us.

What we do while being a member of our family reflects on our family.

What we do while professing a religion reflects on our religion.

What we do while identifying ethnically reflects on our ethnicity.

It reflects on our friends, our professions, our political parties, our clubs.

Therefore, uphold those principles, speak up intelligently and do things that will make your associates proud of you. Refrain from that which makes it difficult for them to defend you.

You can say, "It is my body, my mouth, my thoughts. My right. I have the right to do, say and think whatever I want"

Yes. You have rights for yourself. Fight for these.

You also have duties to others. Fulfill these.

Or else, don't be surprised when no one wants to admit knowing you anymore.