Handling Rejection As An Entrepreneur

A friend asked me for a pick-me-up this morning as she was getting rejected by clients too often. I shared my thoughts with her.

The reason you fall off a bicycle is because you haven't mastered the basics of balance and precession.

If you slow down out of fear, the bike will keep falling over. But when you realise that to keep the bike balanced, you actually have to ride faster, then you will know how to succeed.

Your getting rejected means you are still learning about the basics of selling. Use the pain and shame and ask yourself what you can do better tomorrow.

1. Know your product. Every single part of it.

2. Know the questions they will ask and the objections they will raise. Collect these questions and objections into an FAQ. Study how to answer and respond to them.

3. Practice presenting a pitch 7 times with someone before you go meet a client.

4. Allow the client to prove to you what parts of your approach don't work well.

The day will come when you can ride this bike confidently.