To Go Above & Beyond, Or Stay Put

"Ikhlas don't pay the bills, mate". I agree, an income does. Which is paid by employers. Which grows when an employer sees you can do the work they give you and more.

Of course, this screencap and my post here will trigger different people depending on their work and performance management experience.

As a principle, when you work, you practice your abilities. This leads to mastery. Doing varied work gives you varied skills. Doing the same work hones few skills. One gives you breadth and exposure, the other gives you specialisation.

Most job scopes are not unfair as most employees sign and accept the offer letter with no qualms and rarely host large protests a week into their jobs.

Therefore, most work is within the comfort level of most human beings. Basically, if you have time to be on socmed, you're not being oppressed.

If you're forced to do things not within your job scope, YOU have to decide the limit. When enough is enough. That being said, willingly working above and beyond the job scope does the following:

1. Demonstrates you are ready for a higher or different position. It grows your resume. If you ask for it and they turn you down, that padded resume can be shopped at other companies.

2. It sharpens your skillset and makes you measurably better than your peers in the company and the industry. You can prove that you are faster, more efficient and more productive. This saves costs, and increases output.

3. It gives you experience. The more you do, the more mistakes you can learn from. This makes you a subject matter expert and a point of reference in the organisation.

There are losses, of course. Loss of personal time, time with family and friends, time for rest. If you are young and healthy, consider going above and beyond to establish yourself with exposure, knowledge, commitment and skills.

Or, just listen to this HR person and be like everyone else.