LinkedIn 2019 Global Talent Trends

Click on the graphic above to download the LinkedIn 2019 Global Talent Trends report

This year's LinkedIn Global Talents report is interesting for many reasons. There is a greater focus on soft vs technical skills in hiring and firing considerations, in some cases up to 98% of HR professionals agree so.

There is also a 78% increase in job adverts that mention some kind of flexible work arrangement, indicating that the young workforce is looking for more work|life balance and control over their own time and movement.

Also gone are the days of a toxic work environment and mutual respect between employees and levels are becoming the norm. People are no longer willing to tolerate harassment, disrespect or outright power trips and look for organisations that foster a healthy mental environment.

Finally, the elephant in the room: Pay Transparency. People are now looking for justice in terms of remuneration and justification of pay for effort.

Download the report by clicking on the graphic above and identify how you can provide learning & development services to support these trends either locally, regionally or globally.