Check & Balance Your Thoughts

When we define ourselves, we sometimes trap ourselves into that definition.

"I hate people who throw trash out the window" So we automatically react when someone does, without consideration.

"I am always on time. Can't stand people who are late" So we automatically label another person as a whole without seeing the other aspects of them.

"My status updates are always purposeful and written to help my audience grow" So we can no longer write flighty, irreverent, humourous, nonsensical posts.

These are Thinking Traps. A Thinking Trap traps you into a Fixed Mindset, which is based on past information, attitudes and opinions.

Yet, the world moves on, and in order to grow along with the world, we have to constantly reassess what is in our heads and hearts.

In some cases, we get a deeper understanding of what we know, in others, we develop the courage to abandon them.

Some of these are young enough to uproot, like "this restaurant is taking advantage of my patronage. I'm not coming here again" while others are far older and more entrenched, like "every <INSERT RACE> is a <INSERT NEGATIVE TRAIT>"

Science has a peer review system built-in to check and countercheck this information. It is the foundation upon which all thinking is built.

We need to have this system embedded in us, to ensure that we navigate life correctly and grow positively.

This is known as a Growth Mindset. Being willing and able to learn new things, applying them to yourself and move on from the past towards the future.