Information Addicts vs Information Phobics

When you watch a scary movie, do you close your eyes or do you keep them open?

One is not necessarily braver than the other. It tells us more about we react to real life.

Some, when faced with an overwhelming situation automatically cut out all input, hunker down and wait it out. They become Phobics. "What I don't know can't hurt me."

Others can't stop themselves from finding out things. They become Addicts. "I have to know, or I'll die worrying".

If you have family members who have fallen ill, you can see such responses.

The Phobics will hate going to the doctor because they don't want to know what's wrong with them. They'd rather cure their worry by not knowing. They look inwards for answers.

The Addicts will scramble to the internet, schedule an immediate apppointment or seek advice from trusted friends. They cure their worry by knowing. They look outwards for answers.

Both of these reactions can be valid, healthy ones, but only if they are conscious choices. Only if they are responses.

There are times when having too much information, especially unvalidated ones, becomes confusing, and paralyses decision-making. Social media, I'm looking at you.

There are times when ignoring input can be dangerous, like not listening to what your spouse is confessing or not getting a doctor's opinion.

Some people call it their instinct. Even in this, we cannot be superstitious. How many times has this automatic reaction helped you instead of being detrimental?

If you don't want to know, because you fear being proven wrong, you're probably a Phobic.

Take charge of how you think and feel. You will surprise yourself.