Memories Befriend Us In Our Times Of Need

Suspension of disbelief is a gift that all human beings have. It allows us to hold a piece of information in a state of tight balance between acceptance and denial. That way, we get the benefits of belief without the disappointment of untruth.

It means you don't need to actually wait to experience something in order to experience it. There is a sense of control, of power in determining how you want to feel.

This unique ability of the human brain to engage in fantasy allows us to experience hormonal flushes of dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen amongst others and fully immerse ourselves in action, horror, violent and dramatic movies. These become memories that we choose to have, false they may be.

Every emotional rush facilitates neuron creation in the brain and anchors the false memory together with the attending emotion. Because of perceived helplessness in life, many humans use and abuse escapism in this way, reading novels, watching movies, listening to songs or engaging in fantasies.

Good control and targeting produces good healthy results. Bad control and targeting further removes the subject from reality, which in some cases, is the actual desired outcome. To run away.

When we run into trouble, we replay these anchors to motivate, analyse, focus and calm ourselves. Those songs, movies, quotations and fantasies become our only friends when we need them.

Books are my friends. Who are yours?