Fathiyah Muen

Fathiyah Muen is an adept and accomplished Learning Facilitator and Women in Leadership coach with a career spanning over two decades in the corporate world. She is known for her innovative use of experiential learning and interactive games to bring her classes to life and help her audience learn in a way that is both engaging and fun.

Fathiyah is a compassionate and creative coach who is deeply committed to helping women find their voices and advance their careers.  She leverages the power of visuals to support her clients to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment. Her goal is to empower women to have better conversations, which will enable them to transition and progress to new heights of achievement and fulfilment.

Fathiyah has a wealth of experience in the field of learning and performance, with a track record of success in various industries and countries. She spent five years as a Learning & Performance Manager for FPG Oleochemicals, travelling across Asia to benchmark the best practices in the industry. She then spent two years developing high-potential talents and completing a competency model for a Malaysia regulatory agency, followed by two years in Jakarta where she successfully completed a Digital Performance Transformation project for a client. 

She has delivered training in person and virtually to clients in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, including LCCI, National University of Singapore, INTAN, MCMC, SSM, EPF, LPPKN, MIDF, Asian Business School, SinarMas Mining, Takaful Malaysia, Teleperformance and PIDM. 

She has coached and mentored professionals from Germany, Russia, Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and local and private universities in Malaysia for over 120 hours, demonstrating her extensive experience and expertise in supporting clients in their personal and professional growth.

Reach out to her today for learning or coaching engagement at +60132079698. Her email is nf.muen@gmail.com.