Dr Khairul Anuar Abdullah

Dr. Khairul Anuar Abdullah is a Professional Learning Facilitator and Executive Coach who is passionate about helping people to develop their skills and competencies in organisations to enhance their performance and productivity.

He has over 35 years of working experience and has held senior positions in management consulting and in investment banking, as well as in finance and operations in public listed companies. During his career he held senior positions as CEO, CFO and Project Director.

Dr. Khairul Anuar holds an MBA and a PhD. He is also a Neuro-Semantics-NLP Licensed Trainer, a Certified Coach of Design Thinking, a Certified Trainer of Emotional Intelligence, a Certified Virtual Facilitator, and a HRDC Certified Trainer.

Through his training programmes, he helps to develop business acumen of managers, develop visionary and collaborative leaders, equip managers with creativity and problem-solving skills, apply design thinking methodology to create human-centered solutions, and create operational excellence. Dr. Khairul Anuar has been highly rated by his clients for his depth and breadth of knowledge and as an engaging facilitator.

With Dr. Khairul Anuar’s help in developing learning solutions, clients can develop their people, improve their processes and enhance the performance of their people to create high-performance organisations. With support and guidance and equipped with the right mindset, managers will learn and develop new skills and competencies.

To create a high-performance organisation, contact Dr. Khairul Anuar via 012-7230868 or drkanuar@gmail.com.