Juita Jalil

Juita Jalil is a Precision & Presence specialist who helps people achieve an impressive persona and effectively project an impactful professional identity with elegance, eloquence and excellence.

She is a Trainer recognised by Malaysia's HRDC (Human Resources Development Corporation), a qualified Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF), an authorised Virtual Learn Caster (VLC), a certified LEAP Facilitator (Leading for Excellence, Action & Performance) and an accredited member of the Global Trainers Federation.

Juita’s outstanding accomplishments and versatility over three decades also earned her the position of Vice President of Education & Training of MODA (Malaysian Official Designers Association) and the reputation of an inspirational authority on impartation, etiquette and proficiency.

Her expertise has helped students, individuals and executives enhance their skills in articulation, performance and presentation. Juita’s multi-faceted experiences has also empowered undergraduates and professionals alike by facilitating them through emotive self-discovery to cultivate a healthy sense of self-pride and resilience.

To partake in her inspiring training sessions, powerful workshops and inspiring webinars, please contact her at juitajalil@gmail.com.