Faizal Sohaimi

Faizal Sohaimi has been at selling, at various levels in the last 25 years. In the last fifteen years, he focused on solving his clients’ problems.

Most of them would be engineering, resources and people problems.

He believes that most problems mask themselves in myriad of ways. However, once you peel and unmask layer by layer, the problems are common, kinda.

The challenge is to be able to peel off the layers recognise the root of the problem - how it originated in the first place. Before it is blown out of proportion!

Key to that would be individuals nature and their individual behavioural styles.

Faizal had applied these “COLOURS” to connect and understand his customers. Then get them to work harmoniously in a team - to solve business problems.

Combined with a genuine desire to help, Faizal had helped clients saved multi-million ringgit and earning his employers handsome contracts.

Faizal had also been certified in Meta-NLP, to understand people.

To see how he can help your team, connect with him at: 016 2189681/ Email: faizasohaimi@gmail.com