Haffizul Hashimi Ismail

Coach Shimi  has more than 22 years of experience in the training and development industry and he has been involved in T&D for various industries such as education, consultation, safety & health and also oil & gas.

He has acted as training coordinator, trainer, consultant and speaker for various programs such as Teambuilding, Problem Management, leadership, team effectiveness, and also motivation.

He has been involved with various industries in the capacity of Learning & Development personnel and Trainer. He has been employed by the Education, Travel& Tourism, Accounting, Consultancy and also Oil & Gas sectors.

He is also a certified trainer for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s We Are The Host Program and also a Certified NLP Practitioner by NFNLP USA and an NS-NLP Leadership and Corporate Coach by Power+ Consulting Australia and MarcusEvans.

With the belief that learning is always more effective when it is fun, Coach Hafizzul obtained the certification as a trainer in Effective Learning Activities. In line with the growing interest in online learning, Coach Shimi is also a certified Virtual Learn Caster (VLC). This enables him to conduct online learning programs which are not only impactful but also fun and effective. He is also a certified Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC) Trainer.