Rajuna Abdul Rahim

Rajuna Abdul Rahim is a highly experienced productivity consultant and trainer. She loves helping Manufacturing Leaders to structure improvement inside their plants. 

After graduating with a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Marquette University, USA, Rajuna started her career as Process Engineer at an electronic manufacturing plant and later, as Planning Engineer at a telecommunication company. 

She also studied Master of Management at the International Islamic University Malaysia. She has obtained the credentials as HRDC Certified Trainer, Certified Virtual LearnCaster, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Certified DESIGN Facilitator.

Rajuna has 15 years of experience with 4 international management consulting firms, where she contributed to the success of 10 productivity improvement projects for manufacturing, healthcare and services organization in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Her projects were focused on making improvement happen at the point of execution! At the place where value is created. Now she is adding these Design Thinking tools to her existing toolkits, which include Observation, Diagnostic Interview, and System Explosion. By improving the current productivity system, she helped to solve the Client’s business problems and alleviate their employees' frustrations.

LinkedIn: Rajuna Abdul Rahim

Email: rajuna@rajunarahim.com

Website: https://www.rajunarahim.com