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About Us

Who are we?

EnSync Learning Sdn Bhd (1027212-H) is a learning services provider that enables, improves and maximizes workforce performance. Since 2003, we’ve provided learning services that cover human interaction skills using our proprietary EnSync methodology in the following areas:
  • Self-development
  • Content development, and
  • Professional Certifications

Self-Development Learning Programs

Our core self-development learning programs are:
  • CLEAR | Communicating Logically, Empathically And Responsively
  • SPEED | Solving Problems Efficiently, Effectively & Decisively
  • LEAP | Leading for Excellence, Action & Performance
  • MODE | Managing Organisations Decisively & Efficiently
  • PREP | Professional, Responsive & Effective Presentations
  • CODA | Coaching for Objectives, Decisions & Actions
  • SMILE | Stress Management In Life & Employment
  • DEEP | Developing Excellent & Exceptional Performance

Content Development Learning Programs

Our core content development learning programs are:
  • CREED | Creating Readable, Expandable & Effective Documents
  • STREAM | Structuring Technical, Revisable, Expandable & Accessible Manuals
  • CREATE | Creating Reader Excitement & Action Through Emotions
  • PRISM | Professional & Responsive Interactions over Social Media

Professional Certifications

Our professional certifications are well recognized and highly practical:

Our Affiliations

EnSync Learning is officially affiliated to the following professional bodies