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Welcome to EnSync Academy where your workforce learning continues on long after your workshop ends.

For Clients & Learning Providers
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For Learners
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THINKING Skills Workshops
HATS - Heuristic & Adaptive Thinking Styles
DRIVE - Developing Robust Integrity, Values & Ethics
STRIVE - Strategic Thinking for Risk Intervention & Value Enablement
DESIGN - Developing Elegant Solutions for Innovation, Growth & Navigation
SPEED - Solving Problems Efficiently, Effectively & Decisively
DREAM - Developing Responsive Emotional Assertiveness & Motivation
SMILE - Stress Management In Life & Employment

PERFORMING Skills Workshops
DEEP - Developing Excellent & Exceptional Performance
SMART - Strategic Management for Awareness, Responsiveness & Tactics
METRO - Managing Effort & Time Responsibly & Objectively
MODE - Managing Organisations Decisively & Efficiently
DOCU - Documenting Organisational Content Useably
CREED - Creating Readable, Expandable & Effective Documents
PROVE - Process Redesign for Organisational Value & Efficiency

CONNECTING Skills Workshops
CLEAR - Communicating Logically, Empathically And Responsively
SPEAK - Speaking Persuasively, Empathically And Knowledgeably
ABLE - Accessing Body Linguistics Empathically
SPICE - Systematically Persuading, Influencing & Convincing Everyone
CODA - Coaching for Objectives, Decisions & Actions
MICRO - Managing Interpersonal Conflict Responsively & Objectively
SCORE - Serving Customers Objectively, Responsively & Effectively

LEADING Skills Workshops
SPEC - Selling with Persuasion, Empathy & Conviction
NAVI - Negotiating for Agreed Value & Impact
PREP - Presenting Responsively, Effectively & Professionally
FLIP - Facilitating Learning Innovatively & Professionally
LEAP - Leading for Excellence, Action & Performance
PACT - Passionate And Collaborative Teaming
SPACE - Succession Planning via Advanced Coaching & Enablement

PLF The Professional Learning Facilitator® Program
EnSync Workforce Performance Skills Facilitator Certification