ACCENT | Adaptive Cultural Communication for Enhancing Negotiations & Trust

Welcome to the ACCENT resource page. If you have undergone an ACCENT learning program, this page provides you post-program resources and follow-up learning opportunities. We will update this resource as necessary, so do check back in from time to time. Comment below if you have any suggestions, requests, corrections or questions.

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Understanding Culture
What's Your Cultural Profile?
Global Value Map
Cultural Comparison by Country

Interaction Guides by Country
Cultural Insights
Culture Crossing Guide
International Etiquette Guide
Business Etiquette Do's and Don'ts
Customs & Traditions from Around the World

Travel Guides
Lonely Planet

What To Do When You're Assigned To Another Country
Tips for Assignees

Arab Culture
CIA World Factbook

Intercultural Training: Meeting the Needs of Today's Assignees (Presentation & voice)
Virtual Communication Across Cultures: Understanding Your Virtual Communication Challenges (Video download)
Working Across Cultures - Brazil (Video download)
Working Across Cultures - Mexico (Video download)
Communication Globally: The Role of Language and Culture (Video download)

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