Built For You

All EnSync Learning events can be structured into 3 types according to your request: Modules, Workshops & Programs.

Each module is designed to be compact and impactful 90-minute sessions and focuses on only one learning objective. These modules can be delivered during Lunch & Learn sessions or on Learning Fridays.
When these modules are sequenced together they create skills workshops. Let's take 4 of our best selling workshops as examples: SPEED, MODE, CLEAR & LEAP.
Each workshop is made up of 6 modules, typically conducted over 2 days. Take away 2 modules and you get a 1-day workshop or add 4 modules and you get a 3-day workshop. The possibilities are endless!

Now, if your people have attended something similar to Dynamic Listening (CLEAR) and you want to customise, you can request us to replace that module with another from our Module Menu.  

Take it one step further and build your own workshop with our consult. Then, we'll design brand new modules to tie your selection together into a coherent theme. Essentially, you get a unique workshop!
By now, it should make sense that when you put together modules, you get workshops. But what happens when you put together workshops? Well, you get a Professional Development Program that is aimed at equipping your people with skills to become leaders in your organisation.

We have some recommended Development Tracks that we believe deliver the most value towards developing your people as star Negotiators, Presenters, Learning Facilitators, Leaders, Team Builders, Business Developers & Succession Planners.

However, we are open to working with you to put together the most appropriate programs for your people, and since all our modules are, well, modular, you can influence the design of the program from the bottom-up.

If you like what you see, then email us at nadzrin@ensynclearning.com or WhatsApp +6016 3085 789 and let's talk about how we can help.