Designed Delivery

All of our workshops use tried and tested methodologies to ensure that your people get the best learning experience possible.

The EnSync System®
EnSync is the proprietary behavioural assessment, description and prescription system that contains 16 layers of human styles, including Thinking Styles, Emotional Styles, Learning Styles, Problem Types, Purpose Components, Productivity Styles, Relationship Styles, Verbal Styles, Leadership Styles, Cultural Styles and much more. 

Each layer is applied according to the requirements and subject matter of the workshops.

The Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System®
This learning delivery system founded by ILF Mohd Rizal Hassan upgrades trainers to learning facilitators. Your people will undergo an immersive learning experience that engages their unique learning styles and excites their senses to improve comprehension, gain longer retention and catalyse behaviour change.

One Coaching Practitioner
This coaching system founded by Coach Mohd Jamil Wahab employs Conversational Coaching that creates high levels of trust between the facilitator and participant and drives self-determination, goal setting and action-orientation during and after our workshops.

Octalysis Gamification
This gamification system founded by Yu-Kai Chou engages the 8 basic drives of every human being. This enables all our workshops to generate a competitive, collaborative and communicative spirit amongst the participants as they work to solve problems, challenge themselves and build a growth mindset.

Your people experience the benefits of all these systems and methods which make our workshops fun, engaging, immersive and lifechanging.

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