Learn the skills you need to be exceptional in work, life and legacy

Our Commitment

We commit to:
  • Help your people to master Workforce Performance Skills; the thinking, planning, communicating and performing skills that every employee, manager and leader needs to have in order to collaborate in a modern work environment.
  • Deliver exciting and fun skills-oriented programs, with 70% spent on actual practice of the principles, strategies and techniques taught.
  • Provide only the best certified Professional Learning Facilitators and the strongest methodologies to guide your people to greater and effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Uniqueness

Ultimate Modularity

You want customisation? We say YES. Every learning program is made up of compact micro modules, allowing us to build the experience to your needs.

Effective Delivery

You will experience multisensory learning with the Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System ®. This caters to your preferred learning style, leading to higher retention and greater commitment.

Learning Lifecycle Support

You can access learning materials up to 30 days before and after your program and get FREE online coaching to help you apply the skills you gained to make positive, impactful changes.

Only Skills, No Frills

You need skills to thrive in your workplace, not boring lectures or meaningless games. We apply purposeful gamification and experiential learning that, while fun, are ultimately aimed at developing practical abilities.