Belinda White, Management Consultant, Australia
“Hi Nadzrin, I would just like to thank you for the awesome job you did training myself. Personally, your training taught me a variety of skills which I will no doubt call upon throughout my Accenture career. Your teaching method was great, you're very approachable, empathetic and engaging. Your help is greatly appreciated and I am not sure how I would have coped otherwise.”

Rani Mishra, Systems Integration, Australia
“Nadzrin, as our Learning Coach, conducted the school in a manner that exceeds expectation. He provided such strong guidance and leadership. His accessibility and creativity, coupled with such strong ownership laid the excellent ground for our success. Nadzrin’s personal coaching style has played a significant role in my attempt to improve my leadership style. Thank you for the remarkable effort.”

Tanja Haberer, Talent & Organisation Performance, Germany
“We received very good feedback on Nadzrin’s performance during our client business consulting training. Nadzrin demonstrated deep knowledge and professionalism during the training. His highly interactive performance was perceived as a real highlight. Kind regards.”

Kin Lam See Tho, Talent & Organization Performance, Malaysia
“Special appreciation for Nadzrin for all the stories and exciting experiences he shared. He got everything right as a trainer/coach. Nadzrin is one of the best! Great depth in the details of the content. You are very attentive in class - when you were teaching AND when we were running the activities. That is one of the qualities of a great coach! Thank you.”

Nicolette Poulos, Financial Services, South Africa
“Nadzrin, you were great. Thanks so much for an awesome experience. I really took away a lot of lessons from my faculty experience. This is partly to the person you were, the vibe you created and the freedom you allowed us. Thanks once again and good luck for the future. Kind regards.

Elaine Tan, MarComm, Malaysia
“Hi Nadzrin, I enjoyed today’s session a lot. Your openness and anecdotes certainly helped bring the theories and sessions to life.”

David G. Towers, Engineering & Deployment, Australia
“Firstly, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your wonderful teaching style and more specifically your interest in those areas of my life which need leadership conversations. As a result I have made the first step towards establishing a relationship with a family member whom is on the verge of losing communication with the family and I already feel very positive with the outcome. I hope many others have the opportunity to be trained by you and subsequently benefit both in and out of work with the knowledge you share. Cheers!”

Munevera Mujkanovic, Systems Integration, Australia
“Hi Nadzrin, I thought I already was a good presenter but with your feedback and guidance I learned that there is always space to improve and I have - now I can look forward to rooms full of clients/people and be free/comfortable to speak. I hope your coaching continues to make positive changes on other peoples careers and lives – it certainly has made a positive change on my career and life.”

Catherine Pillay, Resources, South Africa
“Nadzrin is a very strong and credible Learning Coach who maintains utmost professionalism at all times – this sentiment was shared by all my colleagues as well. Nadzrin has a very friendly and genuine disposition, which makes him very approachable and trustworthy. Thank you Nadzrin for being such an amazing Learning Coach. Thanks.”

Tari Anggraini, Financial Services, Indonesia
“Nadzrin has been an excellent learning coach. Nadzrin gave me a lot of constructive feedback and helped me to understand my strong points. I also appreciate the fact that Nadzrin was really sincere and he took the effort to help us. It was fantastic the amount of time and patience he invested to this group. It is very well appreciated by all of us.”

Serene Ng, Contract Management, Malaysia
“Hi Nadzrin, I feel that you sincerely put a lot of thought and effort in delivering the course and ensuring that the participants gained as much as possible. I found your anecdotes and videoclips very helpful as it helped me to relate the principles to everyday life. I can safely say that after taking this course I have more self-awareness.”

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